2017 in Review: A Year of Transformation and Self Discovery

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 has been a year of self-discovery and transformation for me. This year I've achieved things that I never thought I could and come to love things that I always thought I hated. In the process of it all, I also learned new found wisdom, connected with long lost friends and makes new ones along the way.

Tired of being overweight for the past 11 years, feeling stressed out and often have unexplainable illness, at the beginning of 2017 I decided to change my eating habits. That's when I  started my Ketogenic journey. While doing so, not only that I feel more healthy and fit, at the end of 2017 I ended up losing about 16 kg of my body weight. Those unexplainable headaches and anxiety attacks are also long gone. My unexplainable allergy attacks are also gone. I feel happier and of course, gain a lot of confidence.

While changing my lifestyles, I also developed a habit of being grateful for every sets back and progress that I've achieved, no matter how small or big it is.  As I did so, I found that things become easier and I became happier. When I am happy and grateful, good things happened. You see, before I had this new mindset, I always failed at every diet that I tried, because I only focused on what I couldn't. Then, when progress didn't come, I felt discouraged and gave up. But this time while doing the Ketogenic diet, I always try to be grateful for what I could still eat. I focus on what I still can do and appreciate it, rather than on what I can't do. I celebrate every little progress and wins that I achieved. Therefore for me my Ketogenic journey is one of an easy and a happy one.

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I discover my self again after those 11 years of giving up on myself and feel like a failure. I also learn that no one can motivate you to do anything other than yourself and happiness is really an internal thing. No matter what anyone says or do, your biggest motivator is you! You are the only one that can make things happen for you and make yourself happy. It is not external things like money, your spouse, your kids and nor a skinny body or eternal youth 😂  Believe me, I may have lost a lot of weight but there are some things that I still have to work on internally. I thought that I would overcome it when I am at the weight I am now, but it turns out that it didn't and the key to happiness is just being grateful with the bads and the goods in life.

When happiness comes, motivation also arises. By then I feel more motivated to become healthier. You see being healthy is addictive too. By the mid-2017, I restarted my yoga journey. I did yoga some 20 years ago and love it, but somehow along the way I stopped and never really get back into it. Yoga is the only exercise that I love. I have never been a sporty person. In fact, in all my life I dreaded most physical activity. So in the pursuit of keeping my new found health, I begin my Yoga journey again from the start. I follow yoga gurus and practice on my own with youtube, joined classes, and got back right into it in no time.  Through yoga, I found new friends and also rekindle with old ones that I lose touch with a long time ago.

With my new found wisdom and mindset, I dare my self to start or at least try out one of the sports I dreaded the most and always thought that I suck at the most which is RUNNING. The first reason that I got my self into running is, of course, because of running addict/marathon man husband of mine. I wanted to have an activity that we could do together, as it is impossible to get him to do yoga, then my only choice is to try running. I also wanted to understand his love of running, because sometimes I felt left behind when he was so busy with his training and races. The second reason is, of course, I wanted to keep this new healthy body that I got. So I dare my self to do it. I tell myself that I just have to try it and be kind to myself. Be grateful for every little progress I made, just like when I did Keto.  I asked my husband to teach me how to run, I told him why I hate it all along and what I was afraid of. So with patience, he teaches his impatience wife how to run properly so that she can enjoy it.

After running for a few months and being grateful for every progress I made. Now after 40 years of my life I can say that I come to love running. Those who knew me back then are shocked that I take up running and could actually do it and make progress. No one believes that this once lazy girl could turn herself around and get off her butt to do exercises. Good things happen when you are happy and grateful. Along the way, I also meet like-minded people and made new friends that make this journey easier and more fun.

To sum it all up this year has been a year where I proved that being grateful will lead you to more happiness and when you are happy and grateful good things happen and come to you. I saw my own strength in achieving things that I thought was impossible before. I learn a lot about myself and what I can achieve once I set my mind and my heart on it.

I Thank you, God, for a great year in 2017. I learn a lot and achieve a lot in such a short period. May I continue to grow and become a better person in the years to come, for myself, my family and for those around me. And that I always remember to be grateful for everything. I look forward to an even greater year full of love, happiness, kindness, health, more adventure and new achievements in 2018.

Happy New Year! 
Until next year ;)

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