Sephora Haul: Nudestix, Kat Von D and Percy & Reed

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Whenever I travel and saw a Sephora I just had to make a stop, even though we do have Sephora in Indonesia, the brand line up is not the same. In Singapore almost every major shopping mall had a Sephora, so it's unavoidable (excuse!! ok blame the mall) and to top it all off I just got an email from Sephora Singapore saying that they were having a 20% off on ALL products just for the Black and Gold members until the 7th of May. 

Ding Dong! I'm a Black member and it was 7th of May. So without further ado the feet just walk right into Sephora and the brain start working on its' own. Its' mode was 'what do I want', not 'what do I need. Well I don't actually need anything because I have a lot of it back home, but I do have a lot of wants. At that time the first thing I can remember was that I wanted this Kat Von D eyeshadow that I saw on some beauty blog or Instagram, we don't have Kat Von D yet in Sephora Jakarta. With that in mind I went to Kat Von D section and began to swatch out the colours. 

After I'm finished at the KVD section,  I sweep the whole alley of Sephora looking for other things I want and then I saw Nudestix. Now, that's one of the many products I wanted to try out too. Just the week before someone told me that Nudestix lip pencil is a good one as they are matte, long wearing but not too dry on the lips. I began trying out all the colours that I think will suit me, my choice landed on a nude lip/cheek pencil called Mystic. After that I made a beeline to the cashier, hoping that I did not picked up anything else. But the marketing geek outsmart me, on the cashier's waiting line is lined up with these shelves that house various mini versions of the beauty products, calling to be picked up while we wait for our turn to pay. I can't help but to look, then I saw the Nudestix mini set that includes 3 lip/cheek pencils, with the same price as the full one, I get 3 colours and this set includes Mystic, the colour that I picked up earlier. I then immediately change my choice to this mini set. Along the way to the cashier, I also picked up of Percy & Reed Shine & Fragrance spray (impulsive buying!!). But hey, I get 20% discounts on all of it didn't I? Good bargain :)

This impulsive mini haul takes me about an hour to browse around Sephora, my hubby who was waiting for me said that he thought for an hour I would have go out carrying a big bag, it was just a small bag with three small things. LOL Hellooo.. I would have, but you would have fainted seeing the credit card bills at the end of the month and then your hospital bill would be much more than my make up bill.  So I just said to him, "Pap I love you enough not to give you a heart attack at the end of the month'. 

Out of the three, the best buy is the Kat Von D eyeshadow. It is as I have imagined it would be. So again without further ado ( I just love this sentence :D) here are my reviews on each of the products I bought.

Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad in Plum 

Love, love, love this KVD eyeshadows, I think I might buy a second one in Rust in the future . It is just as I have imagined it would be. It is soft, creamy, pigmented, easy to blend and they are all matte in different kind of purplish shades. 

The Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Quads comes in four different colour group intended for certain eye colour. There is PLUM for green eyes, SAGE for blue eyes, RUST for brown eyes and SMOKE for all eye colours. Obviously you don't have to use it depending on your eyecolor, this is just a guide on which colour will compliment certain eye colour according to colour theory on make up. But anyway it's a brilliant marketing gimmick.  Each quad includes an easy-to-follow how-to instructions on how to lift, define, widen, and narrow your eyes with these colours.

I was torn between Plum and Rust. I know Plum would better suit me, but I love Rust colour line up too. But in the end as this palette is priced at SIN$42, I took the safest route and choose Plum which I know suits me well and will definitely be worn a lot.  Here are the colour swatches of the Plum Quad and when it was worn on me.

Nudestix Mini Lip/Cheeks Pencil Set

Second items I decide to buy is the Nudestix Lip + Cheeks Pencils. This set comes with three nude colour pencils. Since I originally want to buy Mystic, I decides to but this little set instead, the the same price of SIN$37 I get to have three different colours. Although they come in the mini size of 2.5g sticks, I still think this is a better choice since I am just sampling the brand based on other people's' review. 

Like any other Nudestix products, the pencils come in a black matte tin box with a Nudestix logo embossed on top of it, at the back of the lid you'll get a mirror. I think the mirror is an nice touch to the box, I did not expect it to have a mirror in it. It is also very handy when you want to reapply your makeup as it is quite big, so it makes it easier to check on your overall look.

Inside I got 3 lip and cheeks pencils; MYSTIC, the creamy formula. PULSE, the gel formula, that sort of works like a lip balm as it is moisturizing and provide a fresh shine. BELLE the intense matte formula, which out of the three the most pigmented and long wearing ones. 

The three shades are quite similar to one an other, especially between Mystic and Pulse. Belle is a bit different, it is a bit peachy on me, while the other two are more pinkish mauve on me. Out of the three, I like the intense matte and creamy formula better, they are highly pigmented that the nudes colour can still cover my highly pigmented lips. As creamy consist more oil in it, it is not as long wearing as the intense matte, which still stays on after a meal or drink. 

Will I ever buy them again? Maybe, if I can find the shade that I like, I will buy the intense matte, but so far I can't really find the colour I really like on that range. They only have few choices of colours on each range. We'll see if they come up with new colour range.

Here are the swatches of the lip & cheeks pencils and how they look on me. 

Percy & Reed Fragrance and Shine Spray

Well I can't say much about this product, I bought it for the fragrance actually, but it turns out that it just an average scent, nothing special and it really did not last that long. As for the shine it's not what other cheaper products I tried can't do. I'm glad I did not get this in full size. Next time I think I will pick up Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist as it has a great smell and also works as a hair protector from straightening iron which I often use.

Shopping for makeup and discovering that the products you wanted works as you thought it would be is a satisfying experience. I will be sharing my success and my failures here in my next beauty posts. In the meantime tell me in the comment below, what your make up shopping success or failure is, or if you have a different experience with the product I tried above. 

Thank you for reading my post, until next time...


  1. Wah ini pencilnya bisa jadi blush juga? All in one banget donk gacuma utk bikin outline

    1. Hi Erny.. ini sebenernya 3 fungsi bisa jadi lip liner, lipstick for the whole lips dan blush.. simple banget enak di bawa2 nggak menuhin tas :)