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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Rempong 

After a long hiatus from blogging, first thing I want to talk about is how lately I've been thinking that in my almost 40 years of age (I'll be 40 in 2 months at the time this blog was written) I've been truly blessed with having a set of girlfriends that I can count on and be my self without any judgement or any pretenses whatsoever.

We each have different life's now, some of us are housewives, corporate working women, business women, single never been married women, divorcee and even a single mother. We've known each other since we were really nothing but school girls, who only thinks about boys, where to go on the weekends and where the next party is.  Some of these girls I've known since preschool years, yes that is almost all of my life and some of them I acquired along the way in junior and senior high school years. The best part is, because we are somehow connected to each other, we come together by chance and become a group of friends that is tied by a bond and history that even time and distance can't ever break. We become each other support system, we're our go to people to just escape the daily routines and the chaos of life. When we are together we are still the same school girls from that 20 years ago, yes we had our baggages now, but with each other we are still who we are back then, we do not measure each other by any standards, we just love being with one another where gossips, giggles and diet tips will never end.

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Because most of us are with family and children now, we didn't get to see each other as often as we'd liked. But thank God for smartphone and social media, we can still somehow communicate and update each other on a daily basis. Getting everyone together, that is truly a real challenge. It is as difficult as moving mountains. It is almost a mission impossible thing and that is why we called our group 'The Rempongs'. Rempong is what we called a difficult person with so much excuses and worries that they always see the difficulties in things. Yes, that is what we are, each of us with our own rempong-ness hahaha... nonetheless we still love and except each other and that's what makes us stays together. In the recent Jakarta's governor election a lot of families and friends were fighting each other over their political differences. I am truly proud to say, that no such thing happened in our group. The 14 of us respect each other enough to not talk about politics. I know some of us have different choices in politics, but we love each other too much to let politics get in the way of our friendship. For that I am truly proud of being a part of these girls. Kuddos ladies!!

Our recent get together was for Yuki's 40th Birthday dinner, this is a record of ever getting almost everyone together (out of 14 of us only 1 can't come) that was really quite an achievement for us. As usual when we get together, plans are made for traveling together and for our next culinary trip and even for just a quick brunch. We know that it is almost impossible to achieve but we just like the idea and we just talk it through everytime we met and leave the rest to God 😁. I really love these girls with their kind heart, craziness and even their rempong-ness.

Thank you God for giving me these girls in my life, I pray that our friendship will grow until our old age when we will need each other the most. As the quotes below says, we women can certainly survive without men, but we can't really survive without our girlfriends. Cheers to a long, happy and rempong friendship!!

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