The Unwritten Rules of Life

Saturday, April 29, 2017

As I get older I learn that there are unwritten rules of life that you can not learn in any school. I believe the basics to master these rules were learned from home, from our parents or from people that we grew up with. The rest of it, are simply lessons that we learn as we go through life. If, we're humble enough and willing to learn from all life's' challenges we had. Sadly, as I go through life, I've met people who just don't give a damn or don't even want to look at life as a great learning experience.
Recently there was an incident that makes me realise the importance of a family upbringing in someones' character. Basic things like being nice, polite and considerate of others, are sure thought in school by our teachers. But to form it into a character, it takes a lot more than that. It would need to be mold from home, from our parents in a daily basis.

While dumfounded by the event the other day, I suddenly understand and realise that this person did not have the same privilege as I. Having a set of parents while growing up and being brought up in generally stable environment. Right then and there I understand why this person act this way.

How I treat others, how I behave and reacted in a certain situation, what to tolerate and not to tolerate from others, I learned a lot from my Mom. I learned by watching her and from our conversations through out my life. I'm not saying that my Mom is not without flaws. There are also many things that we did not see eye to eye. I did not always agree with her values or how she see things. Did my mother only pass on her good characters and values to me? Definitely not, because as I get older, those characters that I hated from my parents are starting to show on me too hahaha (yes, karma is a bitch). Me and my best friend Dian often joked around and says that, we are each turning into our moms more and more as we get older. Her mom and my mom are best friends too by the way, so we get to bitch about our moms behind their backs together 😆.

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Like it or not I am the product of my parents, they influence me in many ways either directly or indirectly. But I am a firm believer that we can reinvent ourself. Unlearn what is not serving us right. Learn form the mistakes of others.  For me, life is a constant learning experience, a chance to grow at every challenges. I believe there are always something to learn about in every situation and from every person that I met.

To be able to be the person that I am today, I owe it to my parents. No matter how awful they may seems to me at times, I know there are still good values that my parents bestowed upon me, and for that I am forever grateful. So Mom and Dad thank you for teaching me the unwritten rules of life and please know that you did good with me and I'm hoping that I too can do good to my kids. 😊

until next time,


  1. Hai Karina,

    Nowadays, there were not many nice people in this world. I mean, there are nice people, it just that to find a person who has superb attitude, how they behave towards another people is like hard to find.
    anyway,your blog is awesome! Please don't stop writing :)

  2. Hi Fatina,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah we can't really choose who we met in our life, but every person we met teaches us something. Like that person, her rudeness is a reminder for me to always be humble and kind. And most importantly it made me thankful my parents upbringing, which i never really thought about before. Makes me realise that, so in a way I thank this person and I can now understand her and even feel sorry for her as she is not as fortunate as I am ;)

  3. Karina, the parent is the first figure faced by the child when first breathing the air of the earth. Parents are also the first rule model for children. Anything must be done by parents to always accompany the child, at least in the golden period. This is the main provision for the child to live life, before he knows the outside world.

    1. Bang Isson... aduh sampai kaget di komen sama Bang Isson... apa kabar bang? Semoga sehat selalu dan terus berkarya ya Bang.. :)

  4. "Because as I get older, those characters that I hated from my parents are starting to show on me too."

    I'm not a Mom myself, but this statement is terribly true. There have been times when I hear my Mom's voice when really it was me talking. :P

    1. Hahahaha yeah... that is so true.. that's why we should love our Moms despites her short comings. Because one day we are going to be in her shoes :) Thanks visiting my blog Marya ..