In Search for My Holy Grail Foundation

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Last month I heard the news that one of my cousins is going to get married in March... ta daa.. time to play with my make up.. so excited. You see, I love doing makeup, but I am not patient enough to do the whole make up routine from moisturizing to cleaning every day. My daily makeup routine would only be mineral powder and lipstick.  So moments like weddings and parties (which I do not go very often to ) are the time I play with my makeup collections. Then as I took out my precious collection from my drawer, I realize that I do not have a high coverage foundie. I only have my Bare Minerals powder foundation and a liquid foundie from Senegence that I wear a long time ago. Both of them do not have the coverage that I wanted and they both do not hold up very long on my oily face.

So then my research began, I stalk beauty blogs, watching beauty blogger's videos and also visiting my go to Indonesian women's forum Female Daily and also Make Up Alley to read more reviews. And out of my research, I found 3 Foundations that I'd like to try:
-Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage 12 hrs Foundation
-Kat Von D Lock it Foundation
-Cover Girl Outlast 3 in 2 Foundation

Lately, I have been falling in love with this brand. They seem to have good ingredients in all their products, cute packaging, and good quality products. They claim to be:
- Dermatology tested
- Vegan Friendly
- Cruelty Free
- And always formulated with out: parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate, gluten.

Anyway yeah as I get older, this thing seems to be a plus point for me in everything. So then I began talking and asking around in Female Daily Forum about this foundie and all seem to have a good review. Since this foundie is quite on the high-end side and that they do not have it in Sephora Indonesia yet, so I began my shade search in Tarte Cosmetics website, FD Forum and Instagram to search for members who are willing to sell their foundie as a sample share.  I use Tarte's Shade Finder to find the foundation shade that best suit my Asian - Indonesia skin which is Medium with yellow undertone and the shade choice falls between :
-Light Medium Sand for light medium skin with yellow undertones
-Medium Sand for medium skin tone with yellow undertone.

Out of my research,  I got an original Tarte's foundation sample which has 5 sample shades from an Instagram seller BeauteCraze and one share sample of Tarte Amazonian foundie in Medium Sand from one of FD forum member.

Tarte' Amazonian Clay Foundation original sample

After I tried them all and my perfect shade is Medium Sand. I love how this foundation works, it is really a medium to high coverage foundation. The texture is more of a mousse than liquid or cream. Although it looks like a thick cream, it actually is very light and easy to blend, a little goes a long the way. I found a small little dot the size of a pea can cover the whole face. I use my finger or a beauty blender to apply it, I watch a beauty blogger applied it with Tarte kabuki, but I have not tried it. I mostly apply my foundie with fingers, I found it is easier to reach difficult places this way and they give more of natural finish than using a sponge or brush. As I tried it a couple of times, I found that this foundation really holds up the oil on my face to slip out and go crazy and went all shiny. Although some oil did find it's way out somehow my face did not look shiny at all, instead it gave my face a dewy look with out it being too shiny and what is more the foundation stay and did not blotch at all after like about 8 to 10 hours. I think the longest I wear this foundation is 10 hours and it stays perfectly on my face. I am really happy with this foundation and will definitely buy the full size. Oh, and another plus is that this foundie did not break me out and did not have white cast when photographed like most foundie that has SPF in it and this one is an SPF 15. I give 5 stars for this foundie.

As I search and talk to the ladies at the forum someone suggests to me to try out Kat Von D Lock It Foundation too because she said that this one has a better coverage than the Tarte one. So after reading up about this foundation on Kat Von D's website and also on Kat Von D thread on FD forum, I decide that my shade for this foundation falls between Medium 52, 53 or 54.  And so my quest for Kat Von D share sample began again and luckily someone was kind enough to share a little sample with me.  I love FD Forum to test and search for product sample before going on and bought the full size. So, in the end, I got 2 Kat Von D sample in M53 and M 54.

left : medium 54 right: Medium 53
from left to right: Tarte - Medium Sand, KVD - Medium 53, KVD - Medium 54

Talking about full coverage, I think this foundation got the best full coverage out of all the foundie I have ever tired. It is a full coverage, it covers all the flaw, acne scars, and even pores, yet it looks so natural. With the right shade, you will look like that you just have a good skin. It looks like that you walk around with a perfect photoshopped face hahahahha. My perfect shade for this foundation is Medium 53 which got more yellow in it than Medium 54 which I think has more beige in it. The M 54 still looks OK on me but the M53 makes my skin brighter since it got more of a yellow tone. I have got to give 5 stars for the coverage of this foundie, but as I tried them a couple of time I found out that it did not have a good enough oil control for my face. Well, I have a very oily face, this foundie only holds it up about 4 hours until it became shiny. But the foundation it self, hold up. It did not streak or become blotchy, but the oil still came up and make me shiny. For me, I guess this foundation would be best for night time Foundation at an indoor event. I would like to have this foundation someday, but maybe later after I have my Tarte Foundie which I can wear day and night.

In doing my research on those foundations above, I came across a lot of people talking about this great over the counter Foundation. The Covergirl Outlast has been getting a lot of good review from beauty bloggers and guru for its coverage. And as I Insta-Shop (Instagram shopping ) I saw that a lot of Instagram make up seller carry this foundie. It is not really expensive since this one is a drugstore product. So I bought it from BeautyStore_Indo on IG for only Rp. 195.000

After seeing review and youtube videos about this foundation, I choose the 842-Medium Beige shade. I try it on as soon as I got this foundie. It really did have a nice full coverage, but I think the shade is a bit light for me, I still seen as having foundation on. I like my foundie really natural and match my skin as if I am not wearing anything on my face. At first, I thought that this one is too light but I think still wearable, so I use it all day and when I look in the mirror later on, I found that I kind of like what I see. After my face got a little bit oilier, the foundation oxidized and now it matched my skin a little bit better than before. For oil control, I think this one is a litter bit better than the KVD. Coverage falls between KVD and Tarte.. maybe almost like Tarte but this one still feels a little bit sticky if you don't set it with powder after, white the Tarte one just feels so smooth and light on the skin. But it is still OK, this is not a major thing for me. Overall I think this foundation is good, good enough to wear it daily. It is good for people that have less budget to spend but is looking for a full coverage foundation. Just remember to choose 1 shade lighter than your usual shade since this foundie oxidize a little.

from bottom to top:
KVD M54, KVD M53, Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundie - Medium Sand, Cover Girl Outlast - Medium Beige
In the end, I decide that my holy grail foundation is Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation, I found the best shade that fits me and it got me the full coverage that I want with out feeling heavy on my face and without being cakey on my face. It got the best oil control out of the other that I tried, and this is important for me other than it is full coverage. And now the search for the best price begin hahaha how I love online shopping :)

By the way don't get me wrong, I am not or turning into a beauty blogger and I am definitely not a beauty guru. I just love makeup and I love shopping (online and offline) so this is just me sharing my experience on the things that I bought and hopefully help you in your search too :)

This is my pic with Tarte Amazonian Clay foundie taken on a natural light without a filter. Those who know me and see me with out make up will know how great this foundie is when they look at this pic :) seriously NO FILTER, even I am amazed LOL!

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