Healthy Breakfast with Granola Creations Original Mix

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I love everything cinnamon-ey, so when the hubby brought this home last night I plan to eat it for breakfast the next day. Briefly, I thought it was one of his expensive imported healthy treats that he used to buy, you see the hubby is of the ones who promote healthy eats and living around the house. Me, I just basically eat everything hahahaha... so you will occasionally see healthy food here and some not so healthy :) but this year I plan to be and live healthier. Eat more healthy food and also regularly do my morning walk (that's the plan), in which the later is very hard to do on this rainy season (excuse!).

Anyway, this morning I put this toasted muesli on a bowl and throw in some low-fat milk, I did not expect it to be so good. It's crunchy, have the perfect amount of cinnamon and sweets and also some coconut flakes and nuts in the mix. Although I am not a big fan of raisins, I didn't mind since there are not much in there anyway so I can put it aside. So then this bag of goodness become my munchies the whole day ( I even munch on it as I write this:)) and to my surprise my picky eater no. 1 (a.k.a. little boss 1) likes this too! And you know what else excite me?? As I took a closer look at the packaging it is said 100% Bali Product. Wow, how proud I am that it is made in Indonesia. It tastes great and it looks good with a nice design packaging with zip lock on top, so you don't have to put it in a jar after you open the packaging. How nice is that, makes it easier for me to type and much at the same time without worrying that it might drop to the floor and shattered. 

Ok, let's see what is inside this healthy goodness. The brand is Granola Creations, I try to look for their website but could not find it, all I can find is their non-active FB page. "Helllooo you've got a great product please socialize!" hmmm that's the social media freak in me talking hahaha... So this is what it is said on the back:

100% Bali Product. Each ingredients used to make this Granola has been carefully selected and locally grown in the north of Bali. These quality natural ingredients have made it possible for us to offer you an exceptionally fresh and crispy product
The 100% natural and additive free ingredients make it a guilt free snacks throughout the day because it is pack with so many healthy mixes of fresh ingredients such as :
Rolled oats, Grated Coconuts, Cashew, Palm Sugar, Cinnamon, Virgin Coconut Oil, Raisins & Sea Salt.
  • Cinnamon: reduce cholesterol
  • Dried Raisin: Rich in Antioxidants & vitamins
  • Rolled oats: Source of fiber & protein

So yeah, I found a good one here. Good quality local product to be proud of. I just hope that they preserve an thrive and more accessible and easy to find. By the way this one I think the hubby bought it at Kem Chick Pacific Place. Ok, enough food talk, that is it for today or else I will be rambling on.



  1. There are no oats being grown in north Bali,...don't know why they would need to say 100% Bali product. It's also not even organic certified oats which is a major red flag for me and my family. Be careful about trusting brands to quickly.

  2. BaliBen, seriously? Oh wow. I just started to like this product, the roasted muesli one. Well I think need to reconsider buying this product in the future. Thank you for the information.

  3. Also this product is loaded with so much sugar unfortunately :( It tastes great indeed but it's actually not the healthiest option, it can almost be compared to those sugar loaded breakfast cereals actually..

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