What Happened to Me in the Past Two Years

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Hello… Hi… Yes I am still alive and well……..Wow it’s been more than two years since I blog, I practically neglect this blog since 2012. and as always blogging calls on me again. I would really like to have a lively blog really… but I get to lazy to write sometimes, and ending up forgetting. Until one day that feeling came up again, like today. After seeing great blogs by stay at home moms, I get inspired again to start blogging. Hopefully this time, i’ll stick to it… hmmm really inconsistency is one of my biggest problem that I have to work on in every area!!

Ok, so what happened to me since I last blog and up until now:

  • I am still a full time stay at home mom

  • Thank God, my two kids and husband are healthy and well

  • I now work online for an Australian company as a Social Media Manager. I love what I do and I love the people I am working with.

  • We moved and rent a house near the kids school, although it is more further away from the city, I love my housing surrounding. Hopefully this year we could buy our own house.

  • I went back and forth to Bali countless of times with the family, and even though I still have a deep connection with the island, I get sad when I saw what was once a rice paddies field now is a store or shopping center or even some random hotels :( 

  • In two years, I gain 6 kg and now trying to lose it again by trying out running and doing the T25 workout (whooosaaa… I need to motivate my self everyday for this. Consistency… consistency…) My Target is to lose 10 kg by 12 June 2014 (a birthday gift to my self)

  • I have a new home town that I come to love. Maumere, NTT is an eastern part of Indonesia, it is actually my husband’s home town. During the last 2 years I have got the chance to go there 2 times. The first visit was in July 2012 and second one was in December 2013.

  • I have developed a love of essential oils particularly Young Living Essential Oils. I have been using them on me and my kids.. and sometimes my husband (if he is willing). Since I used them 2 years ago my kids rarely got sick and almost never go to a doctor. 

  • I still miss my old friends, sadly with my routines and how far I live now, I almost never got a chance to see them. But thank God for social media and smart phones we are still in touch and interacting. 

  • I have a new set of friends which I began to love and get close to. They are a few moms from schools. We get together sometimes when the kids are at school.

  • I am addicted to Korean Drama Series.. AGAIN!! This addictions come and go… and it is starting again and I can not stop… LOL!

  • I still have my magazine Kebaya in Style, right now we are in the middle of production for volume. 5 yay! I got so exited when we are about to go on print 

  • I have a new beautiful niece with a beautiful name ‘Bihana Kehara Omar’ 

  • aaaa yes… I finally found a delicious scones that I was talked about before, but it is in Bali.. it’s in a restaurant called BIKU in Jl. Petitenget.

  • ooo yeah… I have a new useful great items called tongsis, is a stick for selfies… I used to laugh at it but now I love it… see the pictures of me above.. it was taken using Tongsis all by my self … LOL!
Hmmmm what else… that’s it I guess… will add more if I remember something major .. I promise nothing, but I will try to write more and keep my dreams alive..

Well, gotta sleep now! the hubby is calling… :)



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